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ASR – Australian Soccer Rules


After watching one of the best matches in history of AFL – Australian Football League, an sport that is really popular in Victoria Australia, much more popular than the most popular sport in the world (this is why here that sport has to have another name). And as I was saying after watching one of the best matches in history, it came to my mind that I should create a new sport. The sport is Australian Soccer Rules.
ASR is going to fix all the issues that Football (sorry, I meant soccer) has.
First of all, no more games with one or two goals in the whole 90 minutes. No more games without goals or points. And why just one point when a player make a goal. One goal means ten points. A striker kick a magnificent shot and he makes it, that is 10 points now.
And not only that, if the player tries and missed completely (but the ball cross the end line) then that has to be prized with at least 3 points and if the same player keeps on trying and missing, then that shot will be 4 points because ASR will prized when you try.
The other rule that ASR will have is to allow every player to catch the ball with their hands, why not? It demands too much skills to be able to use only your feet.
And of course the rule to be void is the “off-side rule”. What is that? No way, that’s too much complication for a sport.
Just be ready because this sport is going to be really popular and I won’t understand why, I’ll be the only player and I will still think this is the best sport in the world 

Spanish version:
Normalmente, cuando escribo un post, lo traduzco, pero en este caso creo que es más simple decir que no entiendo como hay tanta gente que piensa que el Futbol Australiano es si quiera Futbol o peor que es bueno 


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