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 I’m Oscar. Born in Argentina and living in Melbourne since 2005. Married without kids (that was one of the two best decisions I’ve ever taken) but we have a lovely Labrador.

I’ve been working in the IT market since 1987, so I’ve seen quite a few changes in the technology we use. I’ve worked using COBOL, DBaseIII, FoxPro, Visual FoxPro, classic ASP, Visual Basic, Oracle database, SQL Server, XML/XSLT, C#, ASP.NET, JavaScript, SharePoint 2010 and the list extends for a while including my latest attempt to publish Apps for Windows 8 (using XAML/C# and HTML5/JavaScript) and Windows Phone 8 Applicacitions.

I’m a really active person. I started training for running around 1998 when a doctor told me “you’re too young to have your blood pressure so high and your weight is not going good”, so I decided to start doing “something”. A few years later, I’ve finished 2 Ironmans, 5 half Ironman, 4 Marathon and quite a few other races. My weight and blood pressure are under control and I can eat and drink whatever I want (not TOO much tough, everything with moderation).

Talking about drinks, I love single malt whisky, I really like Champagne, red wine is y favourite and I like pale ale beer (love Little Creatures). I like too good cognac, Ron (or rum like some people call it), tequila, mescal, etc.

I enjoy a drink or two with my friends, but I don’t like one too many. BTW, I love my friends and I try to be a good friend of my friends even though I don’t give them enough time

I love traveling. I’m fortunate to be able to travel a lot in Argentina and some of the Latin-America countries when I was living there and since I lived in Australia I’ve done quite a few kilometers around the world (not as many I’d like though).

So, this is my live and I’ll show some part.

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